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Lose and confusion come together at a brutal intersection as Precious Bryant tried to deal with past family issues and falling in love with two men.

Shanna Stroud has unleashed a story of a young lady name Precious Bryant. She has finally got the chance to escape from her family. Her hardships in life will guide her in different directions in life. Precious meets Jared along the way. His body full of steam and love draws Precious his way. Precious loved for Jared is interrupted by Mikal. Confused in the second though if the man in her life is the one. Chemistry of love will burst out into flames from the one she wants and needs.

*Urban Romance Novel*

Contains Sexual Content


Rejected for Loving Jesus-Synopsis

Book is expressing the thoughts through life. It expresses inspirational reminders that as God’s children. We are someone no matter who we are. Study guide to encourage in spiritual thinking. It has a short story included. To give a better understanding of that the word REJECT stands for Shanna Stroud has been through things in life. She once considered herself herself as a REJECT. Reject for loving Jesus. She has come up with a enlightenment to Encourage the ones that maybe in the dump. Pray that this will be of some help. May God Bless You!

R- revelation

E- eternal

J- jesus

E- everlasting

C- christ

T- Temple


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